• How many Lumens and watts do I need?

  This is one of the most common misunderstandings in lighting. Essentially lumens is the amount of light emitted by the bulb, and watts is the amount of energy needed. This is what makes LEDs superior to other types of lighting because they use the least amount of watts and emit the most amount of lumens.


Lumens to watts table:


Incandescent/ fluorescent watts

LED watts

375 lm  

                     25 W

          6.23 W

600 lm

                     40 W

          10 W

900 lm

                      60 W

           15 W

1125 lm

                      75 W

           18.75 W



  • What kind of products qualify for rebate?

  Not all products qualify for rebates because they need to have UL, DLC ,Energy Star or Lighting Facts certification. All of our products are certified and comply with Utility company requirements.


  • How to apply for rebate?

 You can apply directly with the Utility company and follow the process and submit paperwork. Or better yet you can let us do it. Lightbulbsmart is an approved CPS rebate program administrator.


  • What is the return policy on products?

Any product that is damaged or defective when installed will be replaced immediately with no cost. If the product is installed by you or your staff it will go through a brief inspection just to comply that the light bulb is being installed correctly and determine if its a product defect or installation mistake, if it is an installation mistake it will NOT be replaced.


  • What is the warranty on products?

All of our products have 3 to 5 year warranty depending on the manufacturer.


  • Is labor guaranteed?

We offer a 1 year warranty on labor only if done by one of our recommended electricians.